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Album DS - You will create gorgeous digital photo albums fast and easy from within Adobe Photoshop a program you already use and love. Album DS provides more than 600 templates, automatically resizable to any album size; just double click at the template and it will be opened in Photoshop ready to be used. Use square templates for vertical albums or vice versa with no squishing or skewing of your photos. Templates are also flipable along vertical and horizontal axis and may easily be and combined because they are true PSD files that open in Photoshop. Our unique scaled system allows to work with files in small size which increases work speed and reduces system requirements without quality loss.

An even more, you may use ALBUM DS for the creation of single pictures or collages for the classic album, all the templates, frames and masks may be applied to the document in final size and resolution - a most valuable help for the photographer. In just one step you get your picture resized, framed, masked and ready for printing.

Main features and advantages of Album DS:
- Completely integrated with Adobe Photoshop (CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4) works like a Photoshop toolbar.
- Uses Photoshop working area, don't worry about too small or too big work areas, just use Photoshop zooming capabilities.
- Creates album sheets in PSD, JPG and TIF format.
- Automatic filling of templates optimizing picture fitting
- Save your designs as templates in PSD format.
- Photo retouch capabilities included
- Templates searching from multiple folders, filtering after pictures number and position.
- Automatically resizes any template to your album size and include trimming guides. You may also include more Photoshop guides.
- Resize, rotate and reposition your pictures many times without quality loss.
- Design the whole album in a PSD layout preview and import pictures to templates.
- Used pictures control. Grey framed, red framed and hidden.
- Displays thumbnails of designed pages for easy album story following.
- Capable to work in scaled mode (72ppp) or full resolution. Superfast album design in scaled mode.
- Pictures are never cropped, only masked. You may resize at any time.
- Edit your pictures in Photoshop with instantly automatic Album update
- Resize designed albums to new sizes easily and fast.
- Apply masks instantly, design your own masks and add them to the program.
- Apply frames and backgrounds easily, you may also add your own frames and backgrounds.
- Available in 5 languages: English, Spanish, German, French and Portuguese
- Album to web page conversion tool.
- File seeking and renaming tools.
- More than 600 flipable H/V templates, multiple masks, backgrounds, frames and you may combine them. Just multiply and you will see how many templates you get.
- Create picture collages easily and save them as templates
- Classic album facilities to add masks, frames, etc to single pictures
- Supplier independent album design solution.
- Picture management feature to select your pictures, includes zooming and panning capabilities.
- Pictures groupping, you may asign the pictures to any of groups and later filter the pictures by any combination of groups.
- Mouse over preview of pictures and templates, allows for bigger preview of pictures without having to open them one by one.
- Predefined album sizes, just select the company and the album type and the size will be retrieved.

- Microsoft Windows XP or Vista
- Adobe Photoshop CS
- 1 GB RAM
- 2 GB free disk space

New in Aldum DS v.5.5
- CS4 Ready
- New Saveable Custom Album Size Feature
- New Predefined Album Sizes for Major Album Vendors
- New Scaleable Permanent Preview Option
- New Split Full Album Feature
- New Resize Full Album to New Size
- New Central Guide Option
So much more...
"We start Album DS for USB key, only dll copy in a folder with the program"

H&M StudioLine Web Portable

| 109.4 Mb

StudioLine Web integrates all functions for designing, publishing and maintaining professional web sites into a single user interface – layout editor, page editor, image archive, image editing, graphics and text effects, picture galleries, file transfer and site management. An absolute novelty – you easily edit your images, apply special effects and arrange them as collages directly on your page and immediately view the outcome. With StudioLine Web you realize your web designs in a snap: Images and text are positioned freely and remain editable. In three steps, your page is published to the Internet.

For a successful start, we're offering a tutorial that walks you through the steps of creating this sample web site. You'll learn the basics and pick up many hints and tips for your own web site projects. Quality is not a luxury. Get started now, you'll master StudioLine in record time. Find pictures in the image archive using your descriptions and any combination of system, camera and user tags. Automatically generated web galleries and slide shows.

Some key features:
- Page Editor - The heart of StudioLine Web
- Layout Editor - The powerful tool to give web sites a constant look and feel
- Image Galleries - Build the sophisticated galleries you dreamed of
- Special Graphic Effects
- Site Management - everthing to control even large web sites
- Publishing Management - FTP uploading the intelligent way.
- Support for RAW Files

System Requirements
Hardware and Operating System
·Windows® Vista* / XP / 2000 (* as of StudioLine version 3.14)
·Pentium III or 4 or compatible processor, with a minimum of 800 MHz, higher

·RAM: 256 MB, more recommended
·150 MB disk space for programs (allow extra space for data)
·24 bit graphics adapter with monitor resolution of 1024 x 786 pixels

Supported Languages

Supported Browsers
To view web sites created with StudioLine Web visitors should use one of the following browsers:
·Internet Explorer, Version 4.0 and higher
·Netscape Navigator, Version 4.0 and higher
·Opera, Version 5.0 and higher
·Firefox, Version 1.0 and higher
·Other W3C DOM Level 2 compatible browsers


Adobe CS4 Master Collection Multilanguage

Multilanguage | 5 DVDs | 12.6 GB

Create visually rich, engaging content for virtually any media — print, web, interactive, video, audio, and mobile — using the tightly integrated tools and services in Adobe® Creative Suite® 4 Master Collection software.

The packet Of creative Of suite of 4 Master Of collection is included:
- InDesign CS4
- Photoshop CS4 Of extended
- Illustrator CS4
- Acrobat of 9 Pro
- Flash CS4 Of professional
- Dreamweaver CS4
- Fireworks CS4
- Contribute CS4
- After Of effects CS4
- Adobe Of premiere Of pro CS4
- Soundbooth CS4
- Adobe Of onLocation CS4
- Encore CS4
- Adobe Of bridge CS4
- Adobe Of device Of central CS4
- Dynamic Of link
- Version Of cue CS4

System of requirements (Windows):
- 2GHz or of faster of processor of for DV; 3.4GHz of for HDV; dual of 2.8GHz of for HD*
- Microsoft Windows XP of with Of service Of pack 2 (Service Of pack of 3 recommended) or Windows Of vista Of home Of premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise of with Of service Of pack 1 (certified of for of 32-bit Windows XP and Windows Of vista of †)
- 2GB of OF RAM (more RAM of recommended of when of running of multiple of components)
- 24.3GB of of available of hard-disk of space of for of installation; additional of free of space of required of during of installation (cannot of install on of flash-based of storage of devices)
- 1,280x900 of display of with Of openGL of 2.0-compatible of graphics of card
- Some Of gPU-accelerated of features of require of graphics of support of for Of shader Of model 3.0
- Dedicated 7200 RPM of hard of drive of for DV and HDV of editing; striped of disk of array of storage (RAID 0) of for HD; SCSI of disk of subsystem of preferred
- For SD/HD of workflows, an Adobe-certified of card of for of capture and export to of tape
- OHCI-compatible IEEE of 1394 port of for DV and HDV of capture, export to of tape, and transmit to DV of device
- DVD-ROM of drive (DVD+- R of burner of required of for DVD of creation)
- Blu-ray of burner of required of for Of blu-ray of disc of creation
- Microsoft Windows Of driver Of model- or Of aSIO-compatible of sound of card
- QuickTime of 7.4.5 software of required of for Of quickTime and multimedia of features
- Broadband Of internet of connection of required of for of online of services

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