Thursday, January 15, 2009

Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP (Works With Vista)

2xRAR | 148MB

The ultimate personalization pack for Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Plus! for Windows XP extends your PC experience with powerful digital media tools, intense 3-D games, and stunning 3-D graphics. With Plus! for Windows XP, you get more fun, more control, and more entertainment!

Plus! for Windows XP (Works With Vista)Personalize your PC with exclusive Themes and Screensavers
Plus! for Windows XP literally adds new dimensions to your computer desktop with extraordinary 3-D graphics and animation. Enhanced themes create an amazingly detailed and lifelike environment that reflects your style and mood during work or play. New 3-D screen savers turn inactive periods into captivating visual spectacles.

Plus! for Windows XP (Works With Vista)Take a 5 minute break with fun and engaging Games
Plus! for Windows XP includes several new 3-D games classics and new favoritessure to challenge and delight both the novice and experienced gamer. Taking full advantage of the graphics capabilities of Windows XP, these games are as fascinating to watch as they are to play.

Plus! for Windows XP (Works With Vista)Enhance your Digital Music Experience
For the digital music enthusiast, choose from a whole suite of powerful tools and add-ons for Microsoft Windows Media™ Player. From start to finish, Plus! for Windows XP helps you find, manage, and enjoy your music.

Let Plus! for Windows XP take you anywhere your imagination desires and transform your computing experience into something more.

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