Sunday, January 25, 2009

Protecting folders on external and removable drives

Protecting folders on external and removable drives
If you have several computers and your removable drive travels between them, install Password
Protect USB right on your removable drive.
You will be able to protect/unprotect folders on multiple computers your drive is connected to.
However, you will need to get just a single license as you install the program on a single external drive, not all these computers.
Do folders retain protection when the external drive is disconnected?
Yes, they do. To open the folder, you need to connect your drive to a PC, run Password Protect USB from the installation directory on your external drive, select the folder and enter the password.

What drives are supported?
Password Protect USB is fully compatible with all types of external and removable drives (including
USB drives):
USB flash drives, USB pen drives
Removable drives (ZIP-drives)
USB External hard drives
USB External removable drives

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