Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WindowsPE Full CD Edition "Sun Bear" 01.09

WindowsPE Full CD Edition "Sun Bear" 01.09 | English + Russian | RS | 602 MB

The new version of WindowsPE full СD Edition (codename "SunBear") is the operating system of WindowsPE family intended for loading from a compact disc with which it is possible to execute the broadest spectrum of problems: reserve copying, restoration of the data, work with hard disk partitions, check on viruses (at the expense of loading from a disk more careful check than it if to start an antivirus directly from established OS), system diagnostics, dump of passwords for an input in system it is far not the full list of possibilities of the given assemblage! Than this assemblage differs from set similar to it, collected by the same designer particularly? At least that it was developed by the author still since then when the designer for assemblage still simply did not exist. It has allowed to achieve enough great speed of loading (the truth smaller, than at RAM assemblages), and also, in the version mini CD Edition also extraordinary compact size because from assemblage all has been cleaned unnecessary, with full preservation functionality and operational development with debugging is made manually. Assemblage is distinguished from others similar also by original appearance with a convenient graphic cover. Assemblage supports work with a network, identifies the majority of known and widespread network cards, enough considerable quantity of controllers of hard disks also is supported. WindowsPE Full CD Edition it is created on the basis of WindowsPE mini CD Edition, however it is intended for record on usual (700Мб) a compact disc, unlike mini assemblages. At the expense of the increased size of assemblage full version Hiren's Boot is included in it CD (therefore it is possible to tell that assemblage - 2 in 1), the complete set of drivers on network cards and controllers HDD, and also большее quantity of programs. The full list of programs is resulted on screenshots, the description of their possibilities can be found on official site.

Interface language: English + Russian
Crack: not required
Developer: XaseR
Platform: WindowsPE

Changes in comparison with the previous version:
- Updated Hiren's Boot CD - Various small updatings and optimisation
- Updated driver of network cards and HDD controllers (thanx Yurkesha)

Updated Software:
- DrWeb
- Everest
- HWiNFO32
- S&M
- Total Commander
- FileRecoveryAngel
- UFSExplorer
- FileUndelete
- RecoverMyFiles
- Prime95
- Opera
- NOD32
- WinRAR
- Irfanview
- SamInside

Added Software:
- SniffPass
- Paragon Part. Manager
- WindowsGate
- Kaspersky Antivirus 2009

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