Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Portable NutriBase 7 Clinical Edition 7.18

| 48 MB

NutriBase Diet Software is - hands down - the most powerful and flexible nutrition and fitness software you can buy. Thirteen years of continuous development brings you a wide variety of unique features you won't find in competing diet software packages. If you are serious about your nutrition and fitness, please take a moment to learn how NutriBase Diet Software can help you achieve your health goals.

We are the only consumer-level diet software package to provide you with professional Meal Plans. NutriBase Meal Plans contain up to three meals and three snacks per day for four weeks. They address 11 special needs and each plan is available at eight calorie levels.

* NutriBase provides a powerful and flexible reporting capability. It provides food exchange information and pyramid analysis capabilities.
* You can customize the Tool Bar to suit the way you work. Users can perform global rankings across the entire database. Track up to 88 nutrients with our versions designed for individual and family use.
* NutriBase lets you track and graph Body Fat Content as well as body weight.
* You can customize your Tool Bar Icons to suit the way you work.
* Track up to 88 nutrient factors for over 37,000 food items. With our most recent release, we allow you to track up to 20 additional nutrients that we don't already track.
* NutriBase is also the only low-end diet software package that extends your reach to your Palm PDA.

NutriBase is the official software for the Calorie Restriction Society Pilot Study.

The NutriBase Clinical Edition is a single-user version of NutriBase designed to handle the needs of nutrition and fitness professionals. Each copy of the NutriBase Clinical Edition software is licensed for use by one End User on multiple PC's OR by multiple End Users on a single PC. You can have NutriBase installed on another computer, so long as you are the only person who uses the software. If multiple users are involved, the license applies to one computer only.

The NutriBase Clinical Edition provides the nutrient data for 37,000+ food items and tracks up to 167 nutrient factors This edition features data from USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Release and the Canadian Nutrient Files. NutriBase can handle an unlimited number of clients.

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