Friday, January 23, 2009

Adobe Illustrator 10

Win app | 63.5mb

New tools, distortion effects, symbol support, data-driven imaging, image slicing and improved SWF and SVG Web output see Illustrator 10 pushing forward on all fronts.

Adobe Illustrator was the first vector-based drawing package and is still the biggest-selling but in comparison with, say, Corel Draw it has often seemed seriously under-powered. In fact for many years its main selling-point seemed to be the very lack of advanced effects and Web functionality as this enabled it to concentrate on being the most reliable high-end print application. Version 9 was a revelation however, with its introduction of PostScript-friendly transparency and new Web imaging capabilities, so expectations are high for version 10.

The first thing that strikes - apart from the more demanding system requirements - is the number of new drawing tools available including Line Segment and Arc tools that let you add straight lines and curves by dragging rather than clicking and two Grid tools that let you add rectangular tables and target-style polar grids. Most creative is the new Flare tool that creates photo-realistic but still vector-based flare effects. The handling of compound shapes has also been strengthened with the component objects remaining live and editable which provides both more control and better integration with Photoshop 6's shape layers.
Illustrator 10 offers a host of new drawing tools including the photo-realistic Flare tool.

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