Friday, January 23, 2009

Torque Game Engine Advanced v1.8

Win App | 173mb | RS.COM & ES.COM

Ready to dive into latest video game development technology? Torque Game Engine Advanced has it all: the graphics capability to make console games on popular platforms like the Xbox 360, the documentation to get you up and running fast, and most importantly, a proven history among video game professionals with dozens of titles published under its championship belt.

TGEA has a ton of features that make game creation a snap like an award-winning networking system, cutting edge shaders, and intuitive level design tools. Want eye-catching water, jaw-dropping reflection and refraction effects, or the ability to quickly compose complex scenes with huge numbers of polygons? This engine empowers you to do it all. Check out the full list of features for the fine print or take a quick video tour of TGEA.

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