Sunday, January 18, 2009

DreamLights Light Dome Pro 2

OS Windows | Daz Studio Light system plugin | 66MB

The ultimate outdoors lighting solution for DAZ Studio! Light Dome PRO hit the DAZ 3D market late 2006, and 1000´s of artists have had great fun with it´s ease of use, speed and excellent rendering results. Now, two years later - the Light Dome PRO 2.0 plug in is here! Enjoy breathtaking panoramic 360 degree skies, enhanced sky dome, faster rendering, user friendly GUI and more control than ever! LDP2 supports animation! Bring your images to new heights - let LDP 2 do the work for you...


* 30 panoramic skies
o 20 sunlight
o 5 moonlight
o 3 sunsets
o 1 starlight
o 1 overcast
* Light Dome scene tab with background selection
o Move and Scale tab
o Light control tab for intensity control of the sky/sun/ambient lights
* 16-256 skylights
* Sun light (auto matches the background)
* 20 ambient lights
* Automatic preview lights during design
* Automatic creation of sky/sun/ambient lights during rendering
* Automatic purge of sky/sun/ambient lights during design
* All lights match the backgrounds in color and intensity
* Plug in with tabs for easy and fast accesss
* Draft mode with fast rendering
* Automatic placement and scaling of sky dome
* Rotation of panoramic backgrounds, including the sun
* Shadow control
* Specular on/off control for sky lights
* Multi pass render option
* Supports animation
* 26 pages detailed User Guide with examples
* Free technical support for all Dreamlight products
* Light Dome PRO 2 video overview with Steven Magyar

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