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The Ultimate Math Solver v5.0.1.3

* Those who love mathematics and those who hate mathematics;
* grade 7-12 students and university students (1st and 2nd year courses);
* Teachers of Mathematics and Computer science;
* Parents, who are concerned about the quality of education of their children.

The Ultimate Math Solver! UMS - the indispensable student toolkit.UMS is a software package which, until now, students could only dreamof. UMS solves any given problem, either one taken from a textbook orjust invented on the spot. Moreover, UMS explains each step of thesolution to the problem.

In general, there are a great many reasons why a student may havedifficulty in assimilating a given mathematics lesson well. UMS dealswith each of these difficulties, completely reconstituting the style ofproblem solving as taught in school. UMS produces the solution step bystep on the computer monitor, accompanying the solving process with aprofessional teacher voice in your language of choice

And, UMS is being continuously developed and renewed. New versionswith new features are regularly launched. In the foreseeable future UMSwill include all the algebra and analysis of secondary school, andbeginning university level courses as well.
Features & Benefits

There are alternative packagesavailable on the market but these have limited function compared toUMS, which use a fixed template solution algorithm and provides acomplete step-by-step explanation of the solution.
The main advantages of UMS follow:

The main advantages of UMS are as follows:

1.UMS obtains the exact solution of any mathematical problem which may besolved using 'school' methods. There is no analogue of UMS on themarket in this regard.

Example: alt
Any other mathematical software, except UMS, did not solve this exapple.

2.For every mathematics course given, the UMS Software provides thedetailed step-by-step explanation of solution, exactly as would bepresented by a competent teacher.

Example: alt
Any other mathematical sofware, except UMS, did not show the step-by-step

solution of this example.

Certainly, the list of examples such as examples 1 and 2 may be indefinitely extended.

3.The UMS Software has very simple and clear interface; its use does notrequire any additional specific skills or training. It's enough tospend 10 minutes playing with UMS to learn how to use it in detail.

Other mathematical software packages require long-term training of user.

4.The UMS Software accompanies the solution with textual and voicecomments. All the other mathematical software packages lack thisfeature.

5. The UMS Software may repeat the solution explanation,starting with any step chosen by the user, with one mouse-click. Noother software has this feature

6. UMS makes it possible to getcomplete explanation of plotting, step-by-step; automatic scaling ofplot, so that 'all the critical plotting points and aspects' (extrema,asymptotes etc.) are demonstrated.

Please note! This is a unique and powerful feature that has no counterpart whatsoever in any other software.

7.There is one window per exercise, and the exercises can be solvedsimultaneously, using multiple windows.It will be possible to save asolution to file in our own format (a.k.a. *.ums file) and to convertthe solution into the MS Word file . The archived exercises may beopened, reviewed and/or modified.

We'll provide the specialeditor (as a separate application) for *.ums files to edit solutions,i.e. to enter text as well as formulas (no change in mode of operationis even required between text and formulas). The stored exercises maybe loaded from *.ums files - to be re-solved or re-worked as desired.

8. The example storage will be supplied as a separate application, with a user interface similar to MS Outlook.

Thebasic storage content will provide common usage examples (exerciseschosen and sorted by us according to level of difficulty and mathdomain) and 'best users choice', sorted by date. The user will be ableto create 'folders' in storage. The amount of storage will be unlimitedfor the user, with a simple 'storage switch' action. UMS can choose asample from UMS collection similar to the last solved.

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