Friday, February 6, 2009

Hinterland 2009

PC Game | Windows | Strategy | 365 MB

In Hinteland you will get possibility through a few peasants to build the own city in the neglected earths, and then to begin to take nearby domains, extending the sphere of influence. Mythical creations from folk-lore of the world people and inhabitants of other settlements will get up on your way, complete spites and to the hatred to the aliens. But in a race for domination above distant earths it is important to remember is everybody by weight of gold and the farmer killed in-field can become a giant problem during a harvest.

it is the Enormous amount of characters, weapon and strategies of conduct. That to you nearer? To attack an enemy with a two-handed sword the pointed forward or dressed up in panoplies and occupy temporizing position?
it is Organization. you are free to choose characters and set the model of conduct to them. That will they do? To militate or build?
• Changing world. Every new game will carry a player in other world, in which you will find new objects, new enemies, new resources.
• Adaptive geympley. To overcome mortal complications or live quietly – you decide only, what style of game most interesting.

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