Friday, January 16, 2009

Dune 2 - The Building of a Dynasty (1992)

PC Game | Windows/Dos | Virgin Interactive Entertainment | 3.79 MB

“ The story of the planet Dune has produced a legendary book, a legendary movie, and, of course, a legendary game! I am quite sure that if you've come to this page, you've already been a victim of this game! Countless sleepless nights, sleepovers, missed dates... What Wolfenstein 3D was to first-person shooters, Dune 2 is to real-time strategies. I can safely say it's the mother of all modern RTS games. The main concept is well known: watching from a bird's-eye perspective, your job is to build a functional base using the facilities on offer, and create an army worthy of defeating the opposing force(s). You can choose any of the houses Atreides,

Harkonnen or Ordos. Each faction has their own set of weaponry, buildings and special weapons. This is perhaps what makes the game extremely interesting and addictive. With each mission you gain access to new buildings and weaponry. Your job is to conquer the entire planet Dune. As you can see from the screenshots, the graphics aren't spectacular when compared to modern-day games, but in 1992 such complexity, cutscenes and well-implemented, functional graphics were rarely seen. The music and sounds deserve an A+, no objections there. If this review did not convince you that this game is just phenomenal, I advise that you download it and see for yourself. You'll

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