Friday, January 16, 2009

Kings of the Beach (1988)

PC Game | Windows/Dos | Electronic Arts, Inc. | 286 Kb

Kings of the Beach is yet another very successful game in the series of excellent sports games by Electronic Arts. You can say they really were on a streak in the early Nineties. Just like all the others, this game is simple, high quality and very entertaining. There is not much to say about this game, as it is exactly what it's supposed to be - a beach volleyball game. You can play with the computer or a friend. There are two modes available: practice and tournament. In practice mode you can perfect your skills, and once you feel ready, you can enroll in the tournament.

There you will face many opponents, each of whom has been given a short description. Of course, the farther you get in the tournament, the more skilled your opponents will be. That is pretty much everything about gameplay. The graphics are just fine - nothing spectacular, but they serve their purpose - and the sound is also satisfactory. So, I give this game a 4, since it's exactly what it is supposed to be - no more, no less - an excellent way to get your mind off things and go play some volleyball on a hot, sunny California beach.

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